Gardening Services in Canberra & Queanbeyan

Providers of gardening services in Canberra come no better than Stump’d Tree Services. Leon and his team of experienced Canberra gardeners provide a wide range of quality gardening services, including lawn mowing, tree pruning, mulching and green waste removal. As a certified arborist, Leon can also perform tree removals in Canberra.

Lawn mowing services

Stump’d Tree Services provides affordable lawn mowing services in Canberra and Queanbeyan. As part of our service, we also trim the edges and remove any green waste. Our 3-man team has access to a ride-on mower (for larger lawns and acreage blocks), and is able to complete yard tidy-ups fairly quickly.

Green waste removal and mulching

Stump’d Tree Services is able to remove green waste (lawn clippings, trees, shrubs, leaves) from residential properties, as well as produce wood chips (mulch) onsite. Our large Bandit wood chipper, which we use for tree removals in Canberra, is a unique piece of equipment that many Canberra gardeners don’t possess.

Gutter cleaning services

In addition to gardening services, Stump’d Tree Services provides first-class gutter cleaning and leaf removal services. Leon and the team will clean your home gutters to a professional standard – flushing out the downpipes as well. We recommend that you clean your gutters regularly to avoid potential water damage to your roof cavity, ceilings and walls.

Soil fertilisation

Canberra soil is generally clay based, compacted and lacking in organic matter. As experienced Canberra gardeners, we understand that your garden beds may require top soil, as well as aeration and decomposed organic matter. Stump’d Tree Services can organise top soil deliveries, dig your soil over, apply fertilisers and provide mulch. We also assist with tree planting in Canberra.

Pesticides, insecticides and fungicides

Our range of gardening services in Canberra extends to the application of common garden pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. If you’re having problems with a particular garden pest (snails, borers, caterpillars, aphids, etc) or fungus, then please consult us for further information. If we don’t have the answers, we’ll refer you to one of our horticultural contacts in Canberra.

Hedge trimming and tree pruning

Leon and the team are highly experienced when it comes to hedge trimming and tree pruning in Canberra. For more information on our hedge trimming and tree pruning services in Canberra, please visit our dedicated Tree Lopping and Pruning page.

Tree removals

As arborists, one of our core competencies is large tree removal. For more information on certified tree removals in Canberra, please visit our dedicated Tree Removals page.

Got a question?

To learn more about the gardening services we provide in Canberra and surrounding areas, please call Leon Ciura on 0434 510 767. At Stump’d Tree Services, we always strive to provide quality gardening services.