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Looking for a professional arborist / tree surgeon in Canberra? Canberra arborists don’t come any better than Stump’d Tree Services. The friendly team at Stump’d Tree Services provides a wide range of arboriculture services, including tree removal and hedge trimming. Owner and arborist Leon Ciura is the driving force behind Stump’d Tree Services.

The Stump’d Tree Services Advantage

  • Free onsite tree safety inspections (no obligation service).
  • Friendly and experienced team of Canberra arborists.
  • Certified to perform tree removals in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding areas; licensed to use an elevated work platform (EWP).
  • Access to the latest machinery and equipment, including a Bandit stump grinder and a Bandit wood chipper.
  • Ability to turn garden waste (trees, foliage, lawn clippings) into wood chips and mulch for your garden. We also remove unwanted garden waste.
  • Specialists in tree stump removal for the Canberra region – don’t let a tree stump ruin the look of your garden or property.
  • We provide one-off and regular lawn mowing services in Canberra.
  • We’re fully insured – we have Public Liability insurance.

An overview of our arboriculture services

Stump’d Tree Services is your go-to arborist / tree surgeon in Canberra for quality arboriculture services.
Tree removals

Many tree removals in Canberra require the services of a professional arborist. At Stump’d Tree Services, we remove “problematic” trees safely and cost-effectively. We can also advise you on the removal process for “regulated” and “registered” trees.

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Tree stump removals

Stump’d Tree Services makes tree stump removal in Canberra easy. We use a state-of-the-art Bandit stump grinder to neutralise unsightly and/or unsafe tree stumps. Stump grinding is usually quicker, cheaper and less intrusive than complete stump removal.

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Tree pruning and trimming

Tree pruning / trimming in Canberra requires knowledge of local tree species and the ACT Government’s Tree Protection Act 2005. At Stump’d Tree Services, we take the time to assess the general health of your tree/s prior to pruning or trimming.

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Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming is one of the more popular services we provide in Canberra. At Stump’d Tree Services, we use the latest hedge trimming tools and techniques to produce great-looking hedges. What’s more, we clean up properly after every job.

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Stump Grinding Experts in Canberra!

An arborist in Canberra needs to be qualified and fully insured. The owner of Stump’d Tree Services, Leon Ciura, is a qualified arborist.

Attributes of a Good Arborist in Canberra

An arborist in Canberra needs to be qualified and fully insured. The owner of Stump’d Tree Services, Leon Ciura, is a qualified arborist.

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