Tree Removals in Canberra & Queanbeyan

Stump’d Tree Services is certified to perform tree removals in Canberra, the ACT and NSW. We’re experts when it comes to the removal and disposal of large “problematic” trees, including eucalypts, elms and oaks. As a fully insured arborist in Canberra, we’re committed to all aspects of client, worker and public safety.

Leon and the team at Stump’d Tree Services can also advise on the removal process for “regulated” and “registered” trees in the ACT. Many residents are unaware that “regulated” and “registered” tree removals in Canberra require permission from the ACT Government. If you’re unsure about the status of a Canberra tree, please book a free tree inspection with us.

Reasons to remove a tree

Tree removals in Canberra are performed for many reasons, including public safety, building renovations and aesthetic appeal.

We recommend you call us for a free tree inspection if you experience or notice any of the following:

  • A tree starts to lean or slant – particularly over a building or walkway.
  • There are large splits, holes or hollows in a tree trunk.
  • Large branches or limbs start falling off a tree.
  • A large tree starts to look and feel very dry – a common occurrence during drought periods (dryness can lead to tree brittleness).
  • Mushrooms start growing at the base of a tree – this may indicate the presence of honey fungus (Armillaria luteobubalina), which attacks and kills tree roots.
  • A termite nest appears on a tree or at its base – the presence of termites can weaken a tree’s structural integrity (eucalyptus trees are particularly prone to termites).
  • Tree roots start to damage or affect underground water pipes and drains.

If you’re concerned about the health and condition of a Canberra tree, please call us on 0434 510 767 to organise a free inspection. At Stump’d Tree Services, we strive to make tree removals in Canberra as easy as possible.

Removing a “regulated” or “registered” tree

Under the ACT Government’s Tree Protection Act 2005, residents require official permission to remove a Canberra tree that’s “regulated” or “registered.” Gaining permission involves the completion of an application form (Application to Undertake a Tree Damaging Activity) and an onsite inspection / assessment. Many applications are supported by arborist reports, plumbing diagrams and structural engineering reports.

Prior to submitting an application, Stump’d Tree Services can help you assess whether a Canberra tree is “regulated” or “registered.” We can also provide an arborist report to support your application to the ACT Government. Although “registered” trees are easy to check, “regulated” trees typically require an onsite assessment (trees with a height or crown width of 12 metres or more are usually “regulated”).

Got a question?

To learn more about the hedge trimming, tree lopping and tree pruning services we provide in Canberra, please call Leon on 0434 510 767.