Hedge Trimming, Tree Lopping and Tree Pruning in Canberra & Queanbeyan

Stump’d Tree Services provides a wide range of hedge trimming, tree lopping and tree pruning services in Canberra and Queanbeyan. Arborist Leon Ciura and his team are Canberra tree experts who understand the local flora and the laws governing it. Whether you need to tame a Eucalypt, sculpt a hedge or prune a fruit tree, Leon and the team have you covered for tree services in Canberra.

Hedge trimming

A carefully planned and well-kept hedge provides many benefits, including improved privacy, noise reduction and aesthetic appeal, as well as more birds. Popular plant species used for hedging in Canberra include Photinia (Photinia robusta), Green Pillar (Pittosporum Green Pillar) and Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus).

Leon and the team at Stump’d Tree Services are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to hedge trimming in Canberra. As a certified arborist, Leon can also advise you on suitable plant species for hedge creation. What you’ll really appreciate about our hedge trimming service in Canberra is that we clean up properly after every job.

Tree lopping

As a fully insured arborist, Stump’d Tree Services is certified to provide tree lopping services across the Canberra region. We’re also licensed to use an elevated work platform (EWP) – also known as a cherry picker. If you have any concerns about a large Canberra tree on your property, please take advantage of our free tree inspection service.

Please be aware that many large Canberra trees are covered under the ACT Government’s Tree Protection Act 2005, and can’t be lopped without permission. It’s the responsibility of the property owner or arborist to check both the ACT Tree Register and Provisional Tree Register, and to also ascertain if a Canberra tree is “regulated.”

Tree pruning

Many people get confused between the terms “tree lopping” and “tree pruning.” It’s fair to say that tree pruning is a less severe form of tree lopping, which typically involves major tree surgery. Whereas a lopped tree can end up looking quite bare and ugly (particularly if it’s been lopped for safety reasons), a pruned tree is usually “nurtured” to stimulate future growth.

When you engage with Stump’d Tree Services for tree pruning in Canberra, Leon or a team member will identify the tree species involved and assess the tree’s health prior to pruning. Please rest assured that our tree pruning services in Canberra are performed in accordance with Australian Standard (AS) 4373-2007 – Pruning of Amenity Trees.

Got a question?

To learn more about the hedge trimming, tree lopping and tree pruning services we provide in Canberra, please call Leon on 0434 510 767.