Arborist Goulburn

Looking for a good arborist in Goulburn? Have a large tree that requires removal? Stump’d Tree Services is a leading arborist servicing the Goulburn area. Based in Canberra, Stump’d Tree Services is owned and operated by arborist Leon Ciura.

Leon and the team at Stump’d Tree Services are experts when it comes to tree removal and trimming, hedge shaping, and stump grinding. Leon and his team have access to a wood chipper, stump grinder, and elevated work platform (EWP).

* Stump’d Tree Services is fully insured and complies with all work health and safety (WHS) laws. *

Common Large Tree Species in Goulburn

As an arborist servicing the Goulburn region, Stump’d Tree Services regularly comes across the following large tree species.

  • Black Wattle
  • Blackwood
  • Broad-leaved Peppermint
  • Buloke
  • Drooping Sheoak
  • Green Wattle
  • Grey Box
  • Hickory Wattle (Lightwood)
  • Mountain Ash
  • Red Box
  • Red Stringybark
  • Red Spotted Gum
  • Ribbon Gum (Candlebark)
  • River Red Gum
  • Silver Banksia
  • Silver Wattle
  • White Cypress Pine
  • Yellow Box

Given the large number of eucalyptus species in Australia, the list above is only a snapshot of the trees found in the Goulburn area.

Arborist Services – Goulburn

Stump’d Tree Services provides cost-effective arborist services in Goulburn and surrounding areas.

Tree Removal

Stump’d Tree Services makes tree removal safe and easy in Goulburn. As a qualified arborist, Leon understands the Goulburn Mulwaree Council’s tree removal regulations. Leon and his team possess all the equipment – an elevated work platform (EWP), wood chipper, and stump grinder – to provide an end-to-end tree removal solution in the Goulburn region.

Tree Stump Removal

Stump’d Tree Services is your go-to arborist for stump removal in Goulburn. Stumps are not only unsightly but pose a trip hazard as well. Leon and the team use a Bandit mechanical stump grinder to demolish the stump and root ball. Stump grinding is gentler and more eco-friendly than stump excavation and root poisoning. Stump’d Tree Services grinds new and existing stumps.

Tree Trimming

The trimming of large trees is governed by similar laws to tree removal in Goulburn. As a professional arborist, Stump’d Tree Services assesses all Goulburn trees before trimming to ascertain their health status (unhealthy or diseased trees may be unsuitable for trimming). Leon and the team have a good understanding of local tree species and clean up properly after every job.

Hedge Trimming

Stump’d Tree Services specialises in hedge cultivation, trimming, and shaping in the Goulburn Mulwaree Council area. Leon and his team are experts at creating and maintaining exquisite garden hedges that provide privacy, security, wind protection, and noise reduction. Leon and his team also clean up properly after every hedge trimming in Goulburn.

Locations Serviced by Stump’d Tree Services

In addition to Goulburn, the experienced arborists at Stump’d Tree Services cover the following locations in the Goulburn Mulwaree Council area:

  • Baw Baw
  • Boxers Creek
  • Brisbane Grove
  • Bungonia
  • Carrick
  • Gundary
  • Kingsdale
  • Lake Bathurst
  • Lower Boro
  • Marulan
  • Mummel
  • Oallen
  • Parkesbourne
  • Quialigo
  • Run-O-Waters
  • Tallong
  • Tarago
  • Tirrannaville
  • Towrang
  • Windellama
  • Wollogorang

Get in touch

To consult with an experienced arborist servicing Goulburn and surrounding areas, please call Leon on 0434 510 767.