Attributes of a Good Arborist in Canberra

If you know what to look for, a good arborist isn’t hard to find in Canberra. In this blog post, we outline the general attributes of a good arborist in Canberra and compare how Stump’d Tree Services stacks up.

Positive Google Reviews

Checking Google reviews is a simple way of determining the general reputation of an arborist in Canberra. An arborist with numerous positive reviews is often a good one. Stump’d Tree Services has many positive Google reviews – covering tree removal and trimming at different locations in the ACT and NSW. Leon and the team at Stump’d Tree Services are renowned for being customer-centric.

Qualified and Insured

An arborist in Canberra needs to be qualified and fully insured. The owner of Stump’d Tree Services, Leon Ciura, is a qualified arborist who trained at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). Leon and his team are fully insured – ensuring that people and property are protected. As a business owner, Leon ensures compliance with all work health and safety (WHS) and environmental laws.

In-depth Knowledge and Experience

A good arborist in Canberra will understand the local flora, geography, and weather conditions (particularly wind patterns), as well as have the ability to identify dangerous trees, termite infestations, and various tree diseases. Leon and the team at Stump’d Tree Services are highly familiar with Canberra’s native tree species, wind patterns, and unique urban terrain.

The Correct Equipment

A professional arborist in Canberra requires access to quality cutting equipment, safety harnesses, personal protective equipment (PPE), a wood chipper, a stump grinder, and an elevated work platform (EWP) – not to mention a suitable vehicle. Stump’d Tree Services uses the latest arborist technologies in Canberra, including a Bandit stump grinder and a Bandit wood chipper.

Integrity and Transparency

A good arborist in Canberra is honest and transparent in his / her dealings (they’ll be happy to answer questions about a job or quotation). Leon and his team are renowned for their integrity, approachability, and open communication. When you engage the services of Stump’d Tree Services, you’re in safe and trustworthy hands – a claim backed up by many positive Google reviews.

Understanding of Tree Removal and Trimming Laws

Many people are unaware that removing or trimming a large tree is governed by regulations in the ACT and NSW. A good arborist in Canberra will understand the ACT Government’s Tree Protection Act 2005, as well as the various Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in surrounding NSW. Leon and the team understand the various regulations, especially those concerning “regulated” and “registered” trees.

Physical Fitness and Mental Focus

Being an arborist in Canberra (or anywhere) requires a high level of physical fitness and mental focus. The team at Stump’d Tree Services is not only physically fit but highly focused as well. A certain amount of planning goes into all jobs – particularly when sloping blocks and confined spaces are involved. The safety of clients and staff is a high priority at Stump’d Tree Services.

Wide Service Coverage

A good arborist in Canberra will usually service the towns and villages surrounding the ACT. Leon and his team not only service Queanbeyan but the following locations as well:

  • Berrima
  • Bowral
  • Braidwood
  • Bundanoon
  • Bungendore
  • Bywong
  • Collector
  • Exeter
  • Goulburn
  • Gundaroo
  • Marulan
  • Mittagong
  • Moss Vale
  • Murrumbateman
  • Robertson
  • Sutton
  • Sutton Forest
  • Tarago
  • Tharwa
  • Wamboin
  • Yass

To learn more about the arborist services provided by Stump’d Tree Services in Canberra or to book a free tree inspection, please call Leon on 0434 510 767. Whether you’re seeking to remove a large tree, shape a hedge, or trim a “registered” tree, Leon and his team have you covered.

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