Tree Lopping and Pruning in Canberra

Tree Lopping and Pruning in Canberra – Frequently Asked Questions

There comes a time when a tree requires lopping or pruning. In this blog post, we answer frequently asked questions about tree lopping and pruning in Canberra.

What’s the difference between tree lopping and tree pruning?

The key difference between tree lopping and tree pruning is that the former seeks to contain the size of a tree, whereas the latter seeks to encourage its growth. Tree lopping in Canberra is largely controlled by the ACT Government and Evoenergy. Stump’d Tree Services provides both tree lopping and tree pruning services in Canberra.

Can any tree be lopped or pruned?

Generally speaking, no. If a tree is “Registered” on the ACT Tree Register, permission must be sought from City Services (ACT Government). If a tree is “Regulated” (typically one that’s 12 metres or greater in height), minor pruning is allowed – provided it doesn’t “adversely affect the general appearance of the tree.”

As a general rule, the lopping or pruning of a large tree in Canberra should be discussed with an arborist to ensure compliance with the ACT Tree Protection Act 2005 and ASNZ4373 (Australian Standard for Pruning Amenity Trees). Stump’d Tree Services provides free advice on tree lopping and pruning in Canberra.

When is the best time for tree lopping in Canberra?

From a purely horticultural perspective, the colder months (when trees generally become dormant) are the best time for tree lopping in Canberra. However, a large tree that’s threatening the safety of people and/or property needs to be lopped immediately – regardless of the season or climate.

In relation to electricity infrastructure, Canberra property owners must ensure that trees are kept at least 1 metre away from service lines and 1.5 metres from powerlines. It’s not unusual for a tree to grow rapidly during prolonged periods of spring or summer rain – necessitating immediate lopping.

When should tree pruning occur in Canberra?

Due to the region’s unique climate, tree pruning in Canberra can be tricky. Unlike some parts of Australia, Canberra has four very distinct seasons – ranging from hot, dry summers to sub-zero winters. Consequently, tree pruning in Canberra is dependent on the tree species involved. For example, many deciduous trees are pruned in autumn – to ensure blooming in the spring.

Pruning a tree at the wrong time of the year in Canberra can be catastrophic. As a general rule, trees shouldn’t be pruned in spring, as rising sap levels can make the tree bleed profusely from its pruning wounds. If you’re unsure when to perform tree pruning in Canberra, please feel free to call the friendly team at Stump’d Tree Services.

Do some tree species grow faster than others?

Yes. Many native trees, such as the White Cedar (Melia azedarach), grow quickly in Canberra. When planning a garden, the key is to have a mix of fast-growing (shorter lifespan) and slow-growing (longer lifespan) trees. Care must be taken when planting eucalyptus trees, as many varieties are unsuitable (too large) for suburban blocks. Stump’d Tree Services can assist with suitable tree selection – not to mention tree lopping and pruning in Canberra.

Can I lop or prune my own trees in Canberra?

Yes – provided you comply with the ACT Tree Protection Act 2005. As mentioned above, the lopping / pruning of “Registered” and “Regulated” trees usually requires permission from City Services (ACT Government). If a tree is very large, it’s probably better to hire an experienced arborist, who understands the regulatory environment and has access to the right equipment.

How do I dispose of tree branches and foliage?

Many people in Canberra turn their green waste into mulch or compost. The ACT Government provides residents with a green bin, but only branches of a certain size (no longer than 45cm or no thicker than 10cm) can go into it. Residents can also drop off branches and foliage at resource management centres run by the ACT Government.

One of the advantages of using an arborist for tree lopping and pruning in Canberra is that the green waste is taken care of in a compliant manner. Many arborists, such as Stump’d Tree Services, not only remove green waste, but possess tree stump grinders and commercial-grade mulchers as well. To better understand the ACT Government’s rules on green waste disposal, please click here.

For further information on tree lopping and pruning in Canberra, or to organise a tree inspection, please call Leon at Stump’d Tree Services on 0434 510 767.

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